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Article Date: 27th August 2013

Munters Provides Climate Control for Motion Picture Industry Archive Vault

De Humidifiers - Humidity Control - Condensation Control - Air Treatment

Munters Films

Munters dessicant dehumidification system is delivering temperature and humidity control for Pacific Title Archives, a major storage provider for the motion picture industry.

The film preservation facility includes a 214m² (2300ft²) vault where up to 80,000 film canisters can be stored. The Munters desiccant dehumidification and filtration system provides a precise temperature of 7°C (45°F) with a relative humidity of 25% which was required to ensure the preservation of the film canisters for up to 75 years. The low-temperature storage helps to preserve the film at a level where the humidity is manageable. The unit provides over four air changes per hour and removes pollutants and particles by carbon and HEPA filtration.

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