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Article Date: 22nd August 2013

Munters Secure Optimal Storage Climate for High Quality Windmill Parts

Condensation Control - Humidity Control - De Humidifiers - De Humidification

Munters Storage Facility

In likely Europe's biggest tent store, 75,540m³ Andresen Towers in Denmark is storing Siemens Windmill tower parts before shipment to final installation sites.

Traditional methods for controlling humidity in storage normally include heating. Since most materials and products are insensitive to temperature (apart from some liquids) the heating is superfluous and in most cases insufficient. But most materials are sensitive to high and fluctuations in humidity.

Tent storage facilities are perfectly suited for humidity control by means of Munters desiccant dehumidifiers. The storage has to be tight - just like modern welded tent stores are - but insulation is unnecessary.

In a tent store condensation can be a problem during warm summer periods, where condensation occurs under the roof of the tent. But by controlling the humidity, the condensation is avoided and products can be stored safely around the year.

Since desiccant dehumidification operates using a desiccant wheel and no cooling coil with refrigerants, the dehumidification capacity remains high even at low temperatures. When the storage is not permanently manned the heating can be completely switched of saving up to 75% energy costs.

Andresen Towers met Siemens' demands as to humidity controlled facilities

When setting up the windmill tower manufacturing plant in Nyborg a new storage facility for the wrapped and ready-to-ship shells was a necessity.

As an alternative to an expensive and traditional store, Andresen Towers decided to go for a flexible O.B. Wiik tent storage solution that also involved a much shorter construction period.

To avoid condensation issues in the tent store, Siemens Wind Power requested the storage facility be humidity controlled. Munters recommended keeping the relative humidity constantly below 60% RH, as this level condensation is avoided and steel parts can be safely stored year round.

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