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Article Date: 12th April 2013

Socomec: Guaranteeing Energy Performance from Study to Implementation

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Socomec UPS

Critical buildings and facilities are challenged with constantly evolving demands on their energy performance and optimising a sites resource cost and capacity are at the heart of Socomec’s Energy Efficient management systems. Having an efficient, flexible and accurate measurement system is now an essential requirement in any network infrastructure. And with numerous regulations, standards and taxes concerning energy consumption and carbon emissions all evolving extremely fast it is becoming a necessity for organisations to drive and demonstrate a pro active energy management process.

Efficient management of energy costs starts with accurate measurement and centralised monitoring of all the energy used at one or more sites and Socomec, the leader in measurement and instrumentation for over 20 years, has now expanded its offering with a software package-VERTELIS- designed using the very latest web technologies. The result is an intuitive, scalable solution perfectly tailored to the needs of managers, users, building occupants, industrial sites, infrastructures and local authorities.

VERTELIS allows you to understand your sites, buildings and processes and in turn reduce energy consumption, cost and carbon emissions. With accurate consumption measurement, centralised data and analysis and results that are clearly displayed and easily shared, managers are able to perform effective diagnostics, enabling the implementation of steps to optimise energy consumption. With potential savings of up to 30% in energy costs.

Ensuring continuity of service is a priority, therefore the VERTELIS software suite allows you, through various dashboards and indicators, to understand your consumption levels and to monitor power parameters in real time. You are alerted to any abnormal event by email or sms and you can easily estimate the capacity of your installation to accept extra loads. In addition to the instrumentation and software, we offer personalised customer support. From the preliminary study required for proper comprehension and use of data up to the adaptation of the software, Socomec experts offer close customer support throughout the entire energy efficiency process, via a single contact.

SOCOMEC solutions also include the wide choice of innovative DIRIS and COUNTIS power monitoring and energy meters . The new DIRIS and COUNTIS ranges will measure, analyse and monitor network data at every level within the power infrastructure. COUNTIS E meters electric power consumption by loads, thereby enabling control and allocation of usage. It is MID certified and communicates via RS485.

Besides metering functions, the new DIRIS A multi-function measuring stations monitor and optimise networks by alarm management, monitoring distribution parameters and the remote control of electrical devices. They communicate via Ethernet and have temperature modules.

Also covering the metering and counting functions, the DIRIS N analyses the quality of the energy supplied in compliance with the criteria defined by standard EN 50160 and provides a detailed analysis of ‘pollution’ (for example, harmonic, inter-harmonic, transient, flicker effect...).

Completing the range, the DIRIS BCMS enables current, energy and power monitoring in Power Distribution Units or Remote Power Panels on up to 72 branch circuits.

Bespoke packages of Socomec products and support services can deliver the ultimate performance for the most demanding applications – throughout the entire equipment lifecycle and the breadth and depth of expertise within Socomec’s core business applications – Critical Power, Energy Efficiency, Power Control & Safety, Solar – position the organisation as an industry authority.

Andrew Wilkinson, Managing Director of Socomec UK comments: “At Socomec we are increasingly looking at how we can integrate technology from each of our four business applications in order to provide systems that improve the performance of critical facilities. The supply of reliable, cost-effective power which can be scaled to meet rapidly changing capacity demands is the foundation upon which our clients’ businesses are built. Socomec invests heavily in pioneering research and product design in order to deliver world-class innovations that solve our customers’ greatest challenges in terms of energy efficiency, reliability, business continuity and Total Cost of Ownership. We are excited to be able to offer fully integrated solutions, drawing on the wealth of knowledge and skills from each highly specialised division of Socomec.”

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