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Article Date: 22nd April 2013

Schneider Electric Leads the way with Spacial SBM

Energy Management - Terminal Boxes - Terminal Blocks - Industrial Boxes

Schneider Industrial Box

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, has launched its new range of Spacial SBM steel industrial boxes, complete with accessories such as terminal blocks and mounting components. With 45 multi-functional boxes to choose from – combined with exclusive extension boxes that allow increased depth for specific applications – Schneider Electric can now provide its customers with the most extensive range of industrial boxes on the market.

The SBM range comes in three categories: Flat boxes, Entry boxes, and Bus boxes with transparent covers. Constructed with lasting quality in mind, the boxes have the mechanical resistance of up to IK 10 while their water tightness is either IP 66 or IP 55 across the range. Designed to reduce installation time and cost across a diverse array of industrial machine and building functions, the Spacial SBM industrial steel boxes comply with standard dimensions with depths of 80mm and 120mm.

The unique extension box, enables an increased depth of 80mm and maintains the IP rating, making it unlike other boxes on the market. Setting up Spacial SBM is also easy, with common fixtures and fittings, half turn screws, pre-marked drill points on all sides to quickly adapt a screw cover to a hinged cover, needing only a standard screw driver for opening or mounting accessories.

Multi-functional with modern aesthetics and best-in-class quality, Spacial SBM enables Schneider Electric to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of industrial users, such as Original Equipment Manufacturers and Panel Builders. The boxes can also be customized to suit each application, available pre-mounted, with various cut-outs and finished in any RAL colour.

To compliment the enclosure offer, Schneider Electric’s Linergy terminals are the perfect solution for all marshalling requirements. Engineered to ensure firm connections and vibration resistance, the Linergy terminal blocks, perfectly compliment the Spacial SBM steel industrial boxes. The design simplifies installation, making push-in connections 50% faster to set up. Made of heat-resistant material for long life-cycles, the Linergy terminal blocks also meet international standards and are RoHS compliant.

Schneider Electric has also launched a new ‘Digital Rule’ selection tool to make ordering and specifying industrial boxes easy. By a simple 'add to basket' function a bill of materials can be quickly identified and exported to send to customers. Containing the complete SBM range and accessories, the standalone software enables downloading of product datasheets to get an instant technical specification of the product. Furthermore it refines the product selection for accessories, showing only those accessories that will fit in the industrial box selected. The digital rule is a great tool for customers to find what they are looking for.

For more information on the Spacial SBM and Linergy terminal blocks, please email below:

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