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Article Date: 5th April 2013

Munters Protects Costly Carbon Filters

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Munters Dehumidifier

Globally a shocking share of min. 50% of all food products being produced ends up as waste, either before being sold or processed or as waste from restaurants and private households. These enormous amounts of food products are being increasingly processed in power plants, transforming the waste food into, for example, biogas.

The Swedish based company Scandinavian Biogas (SKB) produces renewable energy from nearly any kind of organic waste. SKB has customers worldwide and recently they were given the job to improve the biogas production and increase the treatment of food waste at the Youngyun wastewater treatment plant in South Korea. SKB has significantly improved the digestion in the existing biogas reactors by re-designing the biogas process. The treatment of food waste increased from 40 metric ton per day to 180 ton per day. This has been both profitable for the city as well as highly beneficial for the environment and the green gas is sold to a local buyer.

A new pre-treatment facility for the food waste was installed, re-designing and re-building the biogas process, adding ultrasound treatment and gas cleaning equipment.

During the processing of food waste ventilation is necessary and before the ventilation air is exhausted into the free, filtration through a carbon filter is necessary to reduce noxious smells.

As high relative humidity is destructive to the costly carbon filters, SKB contacted Munters to reduce the humidity in the air leaving the process facilities. Munters designed an energy efficient solution by recommending the installation of the new Munters MCD155 unit that is delivered with a number of energy saving features.

By installing the MCD155 the relative humidity in the 8,000m³/h air stream from the process is now kept constant and reduced to a level at max. 50% RH that does not harm the carbon filters.

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