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Article Date: 8th April 2013

Munters - InovisCoat Cutting Energy Bill by 38%

Air Treatment - Climate Control - De Humidification - De Humidifiers

Munters PowerPurge

At InovisCoat Munters desiccant rotors have been equipped with Munters’ patented PowerPurge™ internal energy recovery sector. To benefit from low gas prices all their Munters dehumidification systems have furthermore been converted from steam into gas regeneration.

Munters PowerPurge's innovative design adds a partial airstream in the regeneration zone of the rotor. This airstream is used for preheating the regeneration air, hereby reducing the need of external heating.

By adding PowerPurge onto the dehumidification systems, InovisCoat cut as much as 150 kW per dehumidification system per hour off their energy bill, equal to a total saving on electricity and gas of 38%.

InovisCoat is working with high technology functional coatings, e.g. photographic products. On their production site in Monheim am Rhein they are offering Contract Coating, providing customers the classical coating programs and high-quality production of many different single and multi-layered products.

Mr. Jörg Siegel, InovisProject GmbH confirms the result of the estimated savings calculated by Munters as well as Munters' competence within energy efficient air treatment.

The ability to apply up to nine different functional layers simultaneously (multilayer coating), with extremely high precision is dependent on strictly controlled climate control.

To their great satisfaction InovisCoat is utilizing Munters equipment to control the relative humidity and Munters’ focus on constantly improving energy efficiency is highly appreciated.

4 big dehumidification systems, namely 1 Munters MDS1000 and 3 Munters Rotorcassettes (2446-400mm rotor) are installed. The rotorcassettes each supply 35,000 m3/h with a Relative Humidity below 2% RH to secure optimal conditions for the coating processes.

InovisCoat has over several years enjoyed a close cooperation with Munters After Sales Service who pay particular attention to energy optimization.

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