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Article Date: 22nd April 2013

Advanced Diesel Engineering - The Bumble Bee Project

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ADE Bumble Bee Generator

The ‘Bumble Bee Project’ might seem a strange title for the engineering world; however, after reading this article you will fully understand the reasoning.

Some months ago the design team at ADVANCED of South Kirkby, Yorkshire were presented with a challenge, to fabricate a piece of equipment to be located on an island just off the North Sea. For the technically minded amongst us - an ISO shipping container was to be fitted out with a 65 KVA generating set to operate the compound and a 22 KVA generating set to recharge a 20 KVA bank of batteries for the uninterruptable power supply. A 4000 litre diesel fuel tank was also to be included which would give around 175 hours use for the generating sets without refilling. This confidential project was given to ADVANCED by one of their prestigious clients, the specially designed container is to be used in conjunction with a firing range - unfortunately this is as much information we can give on this particular type of duty.

Although the container was finished and all equipment fully tested, remarks were made on the appearance as being ‘quite drab’ and to some extent could definitely give the impression of ‘military’. At this stage the team of designers could not come up with a suitable decor finish that would be acceptable to the clients and therefore decided it needed a woman’s touch; ADVANCED’s exhibition specialist Fran Billingsley stepped up to the mark and came up with the final conception. Following quick discussions between Fran and the Spray Shop Booth Manager the container was carefully sprayed in 1 metre square sections of ‘buttermilk yellow’ and ‘black’ – the unit is now in location on site and may even be adopted as a new obscure design in the camouflage world.

The attached picture shows the container’s exterior finish - hence the title of the project.

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