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Article Date: 24th April 2013

Advanced Diesel Engineeering - A Logistical Nightmare

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ADE Generator

When ADVANCED of South Kirkby, North Yorkshire received a requirement from one of their market leading clients, the task was given to John Farrow, Data Centre Specialist - what started off as a dream design venture soon turned into a logistical nightmare.

On paper the requirement included 1000KW generating sets utilising an MTU 12 cylinder V Type Diesel Engine running at 1500 RPM, coupled to a Leroy Somer synchronous alternator. The units were then required to be located on top of a 20,000 litre fuel tank which would also be bunded for all lubricants. The control panel would have the ability to synchronise with other generating sets and also the mains, it would also have the ability to transfer information via the ‘cloud’ to multiple units like mobile phone, computers etc.

The whole unit was then to be encased within an acoustic weather proof enclosure ensuring sufficient inlet and outlet air was available and also allowing for the exhaust gases to be pointed upwards towards the atmosphere. Both units were completed within eight weeks at the ADVANCED factory and fully tested for 24 hours within the complex.

From initial brief from client the end product turned out into a highly efficient, cost effective way of supplying standby power for a large Data Centre, located somewhere within the UK. After a very successful trial run a feeling between the workers was one of ‘a good job done’. At this stage it was then transferred to the logistics department within ADVANCED to organise transport to the client’s final destination – the photographs will clearly depict the ‘CHALLENGE’ ahead.

The solution has been to semi-strip the equipment down, position on low loader trailers and with Police assistance move to the designated locations whereby a team of engineers will be waiting to reassemble and retest. Miss Gemma Attley, one of ADVANCED’s Sales Managers who is shown on the photograph is portraying the sheer enormity of the equipment and project as a whole. A comment made by John Farrow afterwards was that he would now ‘be able to sleep at night!’

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